Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Special Love

How can I compare your beauty
to other faces?
You seduce me in the sunshine
unashamedly, knowing I cannot
look away.
My soul cries out more, more,
and again I search your dark eyes
until I'm strapped in a trance like

You proceed to tease
my lips with your tongue delegating
my mind
to your ocean, where I glide above
surface gushing with exhilaration.
Your bouquet fills my face and
projecting me to hovering heights
that have my heart
racing in a
lover's embrace.

Yet, you free me
to further savour your endless
till I cannot get enough,
and consume you like an army
of leaf ants would ravage to build
their home.

Just as I can feel the slip into the
next dimension,
a painless place free of blame,
I open my eyes and you sit
there waiting.

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