Monday, February 11, 2013

The Democratic Way

Ghosts lived
And no where
Clad like any other
Looking for a prey

Hunted was
Freedom to think
Dissention caused
Death at blink

Forced thoughts
Drilled down throats
Idealistic burden
Swept across valleys

Democratic evil
Rode on law
Commodity overrated
Plunders of the wind

Culpability covered
Right under the conscience
Scoffed on media
Was dying truth

Illustrated happiness
Shams on flops
Ridiculed order
Institutionalized disorder

Anomalies justified
Called neo equity
Unions dissolved
By secret police

Government of people
Represented few
The rest outgrew
Considered carder

Omnipresent smiles of
Omnipotent General
Amended at will was
Commended army act

Tyranny of tyrant
Made to be standard
Pompous speeches
Profoundly branded

Development measured
By concrete / iron
Poverty took toll
Mothers killed infants

Instigated nationalism
Taken for granted
Enticed civil war
Bread of elite

Flags fluttered
Anthems sung
The public wept
And euphoric utopia
Unhappily never ended!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Democracy, the Fat One cried -
It’s ours, you lot haven’t a clue!
We’re big, we’re the best, your way is all lies,
For only OUR vision is true.

Democracy! The Fat One yelled -
We’ve worked on it ever so hard !
We’re gonna make sure our democracy stays,
And we’ll start by controlling our back yard.

First we’ll begin by stealing all your gold,
So OUR lifestyle stays pleasantly high;
Then we’ll manipulate, cheat, to maintain a firm hold
Until your hope will eventually die.

Then we’ll seek power, because you are all fools,
And not to be trusted with dreams:
We’ll find the depraved and use them as tools
And block off our ears to your screams.

Now one day you’ll rise and the monsters will go,
And this rebirth will be a new dawn -
We’ll stifle your trade, watch your despair grow,
And undermine you with our scorn.

Oh! The Fat One is best, our democracy’s strong,
We’re Masters, for that is our Fate!
You’re way out of line, your ideas are all wrong,
Let us substitute misery and hate.

For this is the price that you have to pay
To maintain OUR greatest ideal:
Democracy’s easy when done our strange way -
Just trample on others and steal!