Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cycle of Life

Things don't workout as per plan,
every moment is a new surprise.
One moment leads to the the other,
Choosing the right path is all that
When your head is a highway,
Million thoughts coming and going.
Everything is directionless,
You are lost in yourself.
When your head is a carnival of feelings,
Some good, some bad and some
Assumptions and misconceptions
Anger, frustration and irritation,
Each pointing to a different
There is a voice in your head,
But its not you.
The stress drives you crazy and uncontrollable,
You seek for a desperate end.
You take a step and the moment is
You may regret or you may not.
Someone is happy and the other is
Move on, try or cry.
Everyone has a past to live with,
A present to live in and a future to live for,
This is simply life.


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