Saturday, August 13, 2011

Showers Of Blessing

The summer sun with its heat
Has been here for far too long;
It is time for the rains to come,
And for the birds to break into
All dried and dusty is the earth,
Scorched by the heat of the sun;
But hurrah! The rain clouds are
rolling in,
The monsoon months have begun.
Pain and storms are in store for us,
And water everywhere will be;
Running in streams and little
All the way down to the big sea.
The dusty earth will rejoice indeed,
And be glad for the downpour of
It will clean all the dust and grime,
And help the trees and flowers
Happiness, relief and joy indeed,
The rain showers shall bring to all;
People are waiting with bated
For these showers of blessing to
The wait, though long and
seemingly endless,
Will surely be over any day;
I hope all preparations for the
monsoon are made,
Because it may even start raining


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