Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yes that shiny element that decorates our vehicles has now been found in the human placenta.
The very filter that protects the baby from her mother's blood now distributes the exact amount of the trace element chromium to each unborn child. Only the exact amount of 0.5 micrograms each day is filtered through the placenta to be delivered to our next generation. It does so by completely eliminating all the larger harmful water soluble salt crystals, which chrome is found in its minute form. The next generation is sure to be blessed with sparkling eyes, rust proof blood, lightening fast reflexes, super intelligence and the so many other benefits that chrome has exhibited in the past.

In the dark ages chrome has been proven to protect one from such now well known illnesses as bubonic plague, cholera, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning and the one which now haunts us, the safe pesticides of today.

It is our firm recommendation that the Drugs Pharmaceuticals Board expedite its approval in all drug and food supplements. SO THE POPULATION OF OUR TIMES BE DEPLETED!!!!!!


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