Thursday, May 3, 2012

Adnewm Uynaiht for President

*knows difference between a bow (weapon of war) and a bow (presidential greeting to all of Islam)
*knows there are NOT 47 counties in the senate.
*can interprete the biblical passages far better than all top state house staff combined
*is not a puppet nor front for the liberal hierarchy
better economic record (knows the value of a bushel corn)
*higher intelligence (able to change channels using TV remote)
*exceeded all expectations from his youth (quite simply born a swine in pigsty - with a birth certificate to prove it - but continues to amaze everyone that knows him)
*more experience than a community organiser (i.e. President of the World Bank Pork Expo)
*realises that this country is a REPUBLIC and the Kenyan constitution, a document to protect the people
*knows how to create a single page bill (not pad it for votes and hide loopholes inside) saving paper, time & money.
*realises that government's responsibilities are justice, tranquility, defence, general welfare, and liberty (nothing more)
has NOT spent years being preached to by barnyard activists
actually lived and educated here in Kenya
*does NOT promote socialism but rather condemns it
*will stand against communism in all its forms
*realises our forefathers formed this nation from Judeo - Christian morals and this nation is blessed by God
*believes in a STRONG defence
*will base the price of food exports upon oil import prices to those who support OPEC (do you wish to eat or extort your oil?)
*will promote domestic oil drilling
*will secure our borders
*will export illegals
*lower health care costs (no need for unwanted tests if patient consider it unnecessary - doctors will not have to face malpractise for misdiagnoses, if patients sure they just stubbed a toe) - antibiotics available over the counter (eliminating multiple doctor visits) - no need for a second reading of an X-ray if patient is satisfied with initial one, reduce red tape required for insurance purposes
*Patient Rights always take precedence over doctors orders
*No one East Africa government nor one East Africa currency
*Close loop holes in tax laws and reduce capital gains taxes
*No money nor laws supporting unborn infant slaughter
*only in rape will abortion be allowed - laws to promote adoption
*And lastly NO MORE DISCRIMINATION AND CONSUMPTION OF PIGS (since the proof of a higher evolutionary status than that of a common Kenyan politician has been provided here)


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