Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fallen From Heaven

You had fallen from heaven straight into my arms,
Igniting my heart with your sweet seductive charms.
Showed me light in life that I'd never seen before,
Something that my heart and soul had been longing for.
Spread your caring angel wings right over my head,
Protecting me and saying what had not been said.

Those three simple words that I was needing to hear,
Were right in front of my blind eyes but was unclear.
Clouds were smothering me and all that was around,
Until an angel flew down and then you were found.
The smoke disappeared leaving a vision of you,
A strong feeling of love that seemed long overdue.

The way you would shelter my soul from the rain,
As you would clear away the storm ridding my rain.
You'd feel and heal the beating of a broken heart,
Painting a smile on my face like a piece of art.
Released all the emotions that were trapped inside,
Warm fuzzy feelings that I'd always try to hide.

Romantic enchanted fairy-takes pranced in my mind,
In the books of make believe; my princess I needed to find.
Sweet tunes would pray as I would look into your eyes,
And I could see the woman who was hidden in disguise.
The Saviour who had fallen from heaven above,
Is now the angel who helped me believe in love.


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