Monday, July 16, 2012

The Honey Do List Gone Wild for Unemployed Men!

Wash the damn car Seal the driveway Clean the air filters Empty the vacuum bag Cut the frigging grass Organize the garage Paint See that chair, don’t sit in it. The dishes are piling up, let’s get ‘er done. But wait, it’s raining, get the clothes off the line, FAST. Look in the fridge, what do you see? Nothing? Get busy, here’s the list, off you go. Have fun. What took you so long! Gheesh. You what! You bought a new lawnmower! Let’s do the math. The square footage of the house is like ten times that of the lawn, so why didn’t you buy a new vacuum? Just wondering. Shrug. Here’s the credit card, go buy the kids their school stuff. Did you get the mail today? About that credit card, don’t you dare! You’re back already? What! The car broke down! Take the car in. How much? Here’s the other damn credit card. Your son wants a new video game. Don’t you dare! Fix that leaking tub. You can’t fix that leaking tub? Hire a plumber that takes a credit card. About that credit card. Did you see the hydro bill! Too bad we can’t use the credit card. Wait. I think we can. The little guy wants some more candy. Use the card. How much is our house worth? I was just wondering if there would be enough equity to pay off the credit cards. About those cards. Fill up the car. You really need the card for that. How much? Can you walk to hockey? Beer. We need beer. At least we’re getting airmiles, yippee. We need a new roof We need new windows When will the patio be finished? About that credit card. Credit card declined. Now what? Who’s your favourite realtor? Me? “Grin” Yeah I got a Listing. JCMT©

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