Monday, July 16, 2012

This is a loss I will accept goodbye to fat without regret turns-out all is not okay, as I heard a voice in the distance say, "hey you!, yah you, where's our wiggle, we don't bounce, sag, or jiggle!" "Who's that" I asked completely shocked, "down here", it said, "can you hear me talk?, I do much better when I strut, nice to meet you, I'm your butt" "WHAT!" I screamed "Butt's don't talk", "oh sure" it said, "I don't just walk! Where's our fat, it keeps us warm, we were big and shaggy and in top-form," "Um, excuse-me please", I blurted out, "our fat had to go, so don't freak-out!, I was getting tired, really worn-out, so now I eat healthy and work-out, No offense, but less of you looks better, I don't have to cover you up with my sweater, Wiggling to the world in these tight jeans is what my fat loss really means" "you're pretty shallow", stated my butt, I said, "dude, just do what you do best Let's strut!" JCMT©

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