Thursday, November 15, 2012

Profile For Online Dating

Hey ladies, quite a catch here I love excitement I'm an emotional roller coaster thanks to my bi polar disorder so if you like manic depression, bring the popcorn and a carton of cigarettes. I am a family man in fact I live with my mother But thats only because my girlfriend just kicked me out and my parole conditions require a county location. I'm a servant of the community having been court ordered to do so and am a member of a group that says prayers at every meeting (pay no mind to the fact that its Narcotics Anonymous and again im forced to go). I am a social being and although i tend towards introversion i manage to get social often. I respect space and privacy in fact i might disappear for days at a time and would prefer you not ask any questions. I love long walks on the beach because i have a wandering eye and am very sincere when i say that i probably wont be honest with you. I am not afraid of commitment my best friend is an ex and to this day I'm still attracted to her. I'm very low maintenance and have plenty of free time of course its cause i am unemployed yet have a knack for "finding" money. I am not the typical guy- being obsessed with sports and cars but I'm pretty sure that I'll get my license back soon. So come on ladies the line is forming fast! JCMT

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